Extended Branding Photo Shoot

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Why should you choose an Extended Branding Photo Shoot?

Extended Branding Photo Shoot is advisable when you can tick more than 2 points below:

  • you require lifestyle branding photo session for you
  • more people than just yourself to photograph
  • you require product photography
  • your chosen locations are more than 45 min drive away from each other
  • you would like me to capture you working with your clients
  • you don’t think 3 hours of photography is not enough for your plans
  • you’d like to have photos in more than two different outfits

What’s included:

  • An initial planning session. Normally, I organise this via a phone or any of the video conference media – Skype, Zoom, Facetime. During this call we will establish your goals for the shoot and our strategy how we are going to achieve them. Amongst other things we will discuss locations and outfits.
  • 6 hours of photography in locations within 1 hour drive from Chester. Locations further afield are welcome, we just need to work out the cost.
  • Recommendations for hair and make up.
  • A preview gallery within 24 hours so you can start feeding your Instagram stories.
  • 100-150 retouched images in hight resolution within 7 working days.
  • Images from supplied via a digital download from a personal on-line gallery.
  • Recommendations on best practices of using your new amazing content for your branding purposes across social media.

What’s the cost:

One off payment of £700

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