Brand Questionnaire

personal branding photo shoot

Brand is so much more than a clever combination of colours and fonts. When creating your personal brand photographs we will aim to showcase your personality as well as your approach to life and business.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to do too much soul searching. However, by answering these questions we will make sure that I understand what’s important to you. And then we’ll put it into great visuals!

I look forward to reading your thoughts!

Brand Questionnaire
What Does Your Business Do? *
Abundance Acceptance Accessibility Accountability Accuracy Activeness Adaptability Adventure Affection Ambition Appreciation Approachability Attention to detail Balance Beauty Belonging Bravery Capability Care Change Charity Clarity Cleanliness Collaboration Comfort Commitment Communication Compassion Confidence Connection Consistency Control Cooperation Courage Craftiness Craftsmanship Creativity Credibility Curiosity Customer satisfaction Customer-centric Daring Dedication Dependability Determination Devotion Dignity Diligence Directness Discipline Discovery Discretion Diversity Dreams Drive Duty Eagerness Ease of use Economy Education Effectiveness Elegance Empathy Empowering Energy Engagement Enjoyment Entertainment Enthusiasm Entrepreneurship Environment Equality Evolution Excellence Excitement Exhilaration Expertise Exploration Fairness Faith Family Fame Fascination Fearlessness Firmness Fitness Flexibility Focus Freedom Freshness Friendship Fun Generosity Genius Genuineness Goodwill Gratitude Growth Guidance Happiness Hard work Harmony Health Heart Heroism History Honesty Honour Hope Humility Humor Imagination Impact Individuality Innovation Insight Inspiration Integrity Intelligence Intimacy Intuition Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Liveliness Logic Longevity Love Loyalty Mastery Mindfulness Motivation Neatness Optimism Organisation Originality Partnership Passion Patience Peace Perception Performance Persistence Personal development Playfulness Poise Polish Popularity Positivity Potential Power Precision Pride Privacy Productivity Professionalism Progress Purity Quality Recognition Reflection Relationships Reliability Resilience Resourcefulness Respect Responsibility Safety Satisfaction Security Sharing Simplicity Sincerity Skill Speed Spontaneity Stability Strength Success Support Sustainability Talent Teamwork Thoughtfulness Tolerance Trust Truth Understanding Uniqueness Unity Value Variety Virtue Vision Warmth Welcoming
What Colour Pallet Sounds most Like You? *
What description of your business would upset you most? *
What do You Want Your Business to be Known for? *
What Characteristics do You Want Your Brand to Represent? Please put at least 4 ticks. *
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