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Following up on my declared commitments for the month of January. All I can say – I’m proud of myself that I showed up today. Sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do. To make time and turn up.

My three January commitments

On 1st of January I committed to three challenges – for more details see my original post here.

One – Literally Challenge. Today’s literary suggestion was – Clueless. A 1995 film considered by some (many?) a classic. Thin on plot, but rich on costumes and faux pas, this teen comedy provided plenty of howlers. If nothing else, it was a great opportunity to snuggle on a sofa with my girls and share a few giggles.

Two – Breathing Challenge. A first proper yoga session with Adriene and her 30 day BREATHING challenge. I was looking forward to putting a delicious melt over a burning candle and shutting the world away. Admittedly, I still could hear bits of football commentary from next door. But hey, football for my husband is what yoga is for me. We all relax in our own different ways.

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Three – Learning Challenge. My favourite language app Duolingo was playing up yesterday. And so I went back to my original language App – Memrise. The first 5 minutes were horrendous – I couldn’t remember a thing in French. But I can be one stubborn lass, so I persevered and my memory started to respond. I think I might need to add un verre de vin to aid with the lesson tomorrow.

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