Personal Branding Photography for Creative and Adventurous

personal branding photo shoot yoga guru Nora Day
personal branding photo shoot celebrity

From teenagers to executives – modern life encourages everyone to develop their on-line personal brand. Up until the new millennium, original corner shops had their owner’s name proudly displayed over the entrance. That was the sign of quality, trust and reputation.

Today, people want to see the face of business owners.

And it means so much more than just a single headshot.

New clients are likely to choose products and services based on a business ethos, your story and your aspirations. Especially for professionals who work in creative industry. From musicians to cake makers, from wedding planners to charity activists – all are responding to the need for visual content.

It’s hard to create and run a unique business, but it’s easy to stand out from the crowd as an individual. Your story and your goals can be put into compelling images. Your personal branding images will reflect you as a person as well as a business owner.

So let’s work together to put your story and your goals into branding images which will attract your dream clients!